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My desire to become a birth doula has roots all the way back into my childhood. As many young single-mothers do, mine made it a priority to ensure I had the knowledge I needed to make informed decisions about my body and my life. When I started experiencing the world as a teenager, I realized that the information I received about my body was not actually a right, it was a privilege. My shock at the injustice of people being left in the dark about their bodies and their options quickly turned into red-hot anger, which then prompted me to make a promise to myself that I would work the rest of my life to make sure that everyone has the ability to make informed decisions about their lives and their bodies.

During my time as a college reproductive rights activist, I heard a lot about doulas and the role that they play in the reproductive health space. Although I didn’t have the words for it yet, I thought about how special it must be to hold space for people who are going through such intense events. I had been interested in pregnancy for a long time, but when I started researching birth doulas I realized that there is a way I can contribute to this ideal of empowering people’s birth by providing information and support.

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